Scraped Bumper Corner Fixed in a Jiffy

A sample of Our Work to repair a Corner Bumper Scrape.

Here we can see a few before and after photos of scraped corners which we at Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth were able to fix in a Jiffy.


Scraped Bumper Corner Fixed Before and After

ON this vehicle we are looking at a scraped front corner

These images are of a recent bumper scrape repair we did for a customer in the northern suburbs of Perth.

At Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth we can fix bumper scrapes such as this so well that you won’t even be able to tell there ever was any damage to your car at all.

These types of bumper scrapes can be repaired starting from as low as $250
and this type of job usually takes less than 2 hours to complete at your own home or workplace.

If you have a bumper scrape like this on your car then we will come to your home or place of work with our fully equipped van for a quick and hassle free fix to your unsightly scraped up car bumpers.

Just Take 2 Good Clear pics of your bumper scrape , preferably one close up and one further back
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