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Pushed in Bumper Brought Back to Life

Pushed in Bumper Brought Back to Life

Even this degree of bumper damage can be brought back to new with our bumper repair techniques We come to you and fix your bumper at your home or workplace at it only takes on average around 2 hours.
front bumper scrapes and scratches restored

Front Bumper Scrapes and Scratches Restored

The scrapes on this BMW front bumper were restored so you would never know there was damage before.
pushin dent repaired before and after

Bumper Dents

For vehicle bumper pushin dents we use a heating technique to mold and restore dented bumpers back to new condition and paint back to original finish.
Cracked Bumper Repaired

Bumper Cracks and Splits Repaired

A crack/split in this bumper was repaired using our plastic welding and moulding technique.