Dull and Faded Headlights Restored back to Working Order.


Headlight Restoration

Dull Headlights Restored

We can restore them back to good order and improve the appearance of your car while also making it safer for night vision and less likely to attract any unwanted attention from traffic police.

Headlight Restoration

Dull faded headlights restored

Faded headlight covers are not only ugly to look at but they severely impact  the amount of light that can escape the clouded cover. This is not only dangerous at night but can be reason enough for police to issue a defective vehicle (yellow sticker)  on your car if you are pulled over . It is important to catch the problem early if possible but rest assured it is usually a reasonably easy problem to fix.

We can improve the appearance of your cars headlights and make them safer for night vision and less likely to attract any unwanted police attention.  The best part is that we can come to you at your home or office so you don’t have to loose your car for any amount of time to have your headlights restored.  Or if you want even further cost savings you can drop your vehicle by appointment off to us in Padbury and we will take of it at an even more affordable price.

To get your cars headlights restored please first take 2 well lit photos of your dull or faded headlight and jump over to our contact page where you can send us a message to get a Free No Obligation Quote.