Bumper Scrapes Repaired

Is your car bumper scraped or scuffed like this?

Bumper Scrapes

front bumper scrapes repaired

Bumper Corner Scrapes are one of the most common types of minor damage we see. While some corner scrapes can be repaired without painting others are more extensive . Depending on the extent of the damage we can restore your cars front or rear bumper corner scrape back to new condition with perfect colour matched results starting from as low as $250 for minor bumper or panel damage.

If your car bumper or plastics have been scraped or scuffed up like the vehicles shown here we can come to your home or work and can fix the damage to restore your bumper back to like new condition with perfect colour matched results .

We have extensive training with our bumper repair techniques and can bring bumper scrapes like these back to new condition in less than 2 hours.  All we need is somewhere to park our van with access to electrical power and a space to work.  Our computerised database has over 50,000 colours so we can perfectly match your cars paint so you will never know the damage was even there.

Bumper Scrapes

Front Bumper Scrape Before and After repair by #mobilebumperrepairsperth

While not as severe as a crack or a dent, a trip to a auto body repair shop for this type of damage will not only cost quite a lot, but a panel and paint shop will also probably need to keep your car for a day or two.

With Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth we come to You! and fix your bumper at your home or workplace so you will never be without your car. So that we can give you quote ASAP all we need if that you take 2 well lit photos of your vehicles damage and send them to us from the contact page on our website.

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Bumper Scrapes

front left bumper scrape before and after repair by #mobilebumperrepairsperth

Bumper Scrape Repairs like these start from as Low as $99
and you will never, never know that it was ever there.

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Bumper Scrapes

Rear Bumper Scrape Before and After Repair By #MobileBumperRepairsPerth

in the image above we repair gouge in plastic bumper and then paint it back to new finish.

Most Repairs like this take less than 2 hours to complete.

The repair cost is cheaper than an insurance excess so you can keep your no claim bonus and unblemished driving history.

Bumper Scrapes

Quite a Bad Rear Bumper Scrape but we can fix it!

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If you want to see some more “Before and After” examples of real repair work we have completed around Perth take a look at our Work Gallery

You can also see what our customers have to say about the mobile bumper repair work we have been doing around Perth on our Customer Testimonials page.

If you are ready to get your “Corner Bumper Scrape” Repaired then please check your photos are clear, for best results we need at least one close up and one standing back from the car . Once your images are ready just send them to us and we will reply with a quote.