Callout Mobile Car Bumper Repair and Automotive Paint Detailing Services

Plastic Welding

Plastic Welding

Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth repair damaged bumper cracks and splits with a variety of specialised plastic welding techniques. 
Stone Chips under headlight

Stone Chips

We can repair minor rock and stone chips with perfectly matched colour by touching up only the chips themselves or if you prefer a more perfect result we can respray the entire affected panel.
Mobile bumper repair before and after

Bumper Scrapes

Most common types of bumper scrapes we see are corner scrapes which can be fixed starting from as low as $250 depending on the degree of damage.
headlight restored

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are dull, yellow or faded they are not only unsightly but may even be illegal and cause for a defective vehicle sticker if you are pulled over by the police.
pushin dent repaired before and after

Bumper Dents

For vehicle bumper pushin dents we use a heating technique to mold and restore dented bumpers back to new condition and paint back to original finish.
after minor panel and paint

Automotive Paint Detailing

We provide automotive paint detailing and minor paint repairs for car panels and plastics.
wheel arch dent repair

Minor Panel Damage

Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth provide minor panel beating and spray painting repairs on cars all over Perth

Scratch Repairs

We fix automotive car paint scratches and scuffs on panels or plastics at your home or place of work.

Bumper Cracks

To repair cracks in a car bumper we use a PLASTIC WELDING TECHNIQUE which ensures that the bumper is as strong as before and the repair is unnoticeable.