Does Your Bumper Have Scuffs Like This?

Minor Scuffs and Scrapes Fixed in Your DrivewayWe can Fix Scuffed Bumpers and Scrapes Quickly!

Minor scrapes and scuffs such as the skuff mark damage on the car bumper seen in this image can be quickly fixed in under 2 hours and you don’t have take your vehicle anywhere because we will come direct to your home and fix any damaged bumper minor scuffs and scrapes right there in your home driveway or even at your workplace.   All we need to carry out our work is access to power and a close by parking area for our van and enough room around your vehicle for two men to move and work freely on your vehicles bumpers.

As long as we have enough space space to workin in we can fix any minor bumper scuff Marks and most major scrapes and scuffs on all of your vehicles bumpers and exterior plastics.

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Scuffed Bumpers? We will fix your cars scraped and scuffed up car bumpers at your home or office.
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