Mobile bumper repair before and after

Bumper Scrapes

Most common types of bumper scrapes we see are corner scrapes which can be fixed starting from as low as $250 depending on the degree of damage.
Scraped Bumper Corner Fixed in a Jiffy

Scraped Bumper Corner Fixed Before and After

A sample of Our Work to repair a Corner Bumper Scrape.

Minor Scuffs and Scrapes Fixed in Your Driveway

Scuffed Bumpers? We will fix your cars scraped and scuffed up car bumpers at your home or office. We come to You Contact us NOW to get your Free Quote Today
Scraped Landcruiser Bumper Gets Back Its Shine

Landcruisers Damaged Bumper Made New Again

 If Your Toyota Landcruisers Plastic Bumper is damaged like you see here in this image Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth will fix it for you as good as new.
Pushed in Bumper Brought Back to Life

Pushed in Bumper Brought Back to Life

Even this degree of bumper damage can be brought back to new with our bumper repair techniques We come to you and fix your bumper at your home or workplace at it only takes on average around 2 hours.
Wheel Arch Corner Dent Fixed

Creased Bumper Corner Fixed Again

Here we have a crease across the corner of a small cars plastic bumper The owner of the car was very happy when we were able to bring it back to new condition
front bumper scrapes and scratches restored

Front Bumper Scrapes and Scratches Restored

The scrapes on this BMW front bumper were restored so you would never know there was damage before.
bumper crack splits repaired

Bumper Split Repaired Back to New

This cracked bumper also had a full height vertical split which we conveniently repaired back to new.