corner scrape before and after

Corner Scrape Restored back to New

We can restore most kinds of vehicle panel and plastic damage back to new such as this nasty scrape on the corner of this vehicle with perfectly matched colour and a factory new finish
bumper pushin dent repaird

Bumper Pushin Dent Repaired

We use a HEATING TECHNIQUE to mould and restore your damaged bumper back to new condition
wheel arch dent repair

Minor Panel Damage

Mobile Bumper Repairs Perth provide minor panel beating and spray painting repairs on cars all over Perth

Scratch Repairs

We fix automotive car paint scratches and scuffs on panels or plastics at your home or place of work.

Bumper Cracks

To repair cracks in a car bumper we use a PLASTIC WELDING TECHNIQUE which ensures that the bumper is as strong as before and the repair is unnoticeable.

Scraped Bumper Repaired back to Factory Finish

We gave this bumper a good sanding , under coat and then perfectly colour matched and blended the paint to bring it back to factory finish.
Pushin Dent Repaired

Pushin Bumper Dent Repaired

An extensive pushin dent repaired back to new by our heating and moulding technique.
Cracked Bumper Repaired

Bumper Cracks and Splits Repaired

A crack/split in this bumper was repaired using our plastic welding and moulding technique.
dull faded headlight repair

Dull Faded Headlights Repaired

If your headlights are looking dull, yellow or faded they need restoring back to good order. We can improve the appearance and make them safer for night vision.