Bumper Dent Repair

bumper dent repairs

Car Bumper Dents Repaired

We can restore your cars damaged bumpers by using our experience to correct plastic bumper pushins.
We use a HEATING TECHNIQUE to mould and restore bumpers back to new condition. Then we paint to a new glossy finish.

We can correct a wide range of plastic bumper dents (pushins). Once the Dent is fixed we then use our computer software to mix the perfectly matched paint and we bring the bumper back to a new glossy finish with no sign there was ever any  bumper dents or other damage. Browse our Customer Testimonials and our Work Gallery to see some more before and after photos of work we have done.




mazda pushin dent before and after


Here are a few more before and after images of actual dents we have restored back to new.

pushed in bumper repaired before and after

heating pushin bumper repair

Bumper dent before after

View more examples in our Work Gallery   or Contact Us to Get a Free Quote Now


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